Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The 12 Spirits For The Holidays

Its cold, dark and windy outside with sleet and snow whipping up a frenzy. Finally arrived home? Want to feel the glow of the holiday season? Want to feel cozy and warm without the fireplace? Try a good Irish Whiskey, Single Malt or Bourbon. Here are twelve spirits to check out for the holidays.

1) Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon, $45
Franklin County, Ky.
Smooth...has more oak and less heat than the Woodford

2) Evan Williams Bourbon Single Barrel, $30
Bardstown, Nelson County, Ky.
caramel and oak flavoring, heavy on the Oak. Check out this bourbon If Oaky California Chardonnay is your thing.

3) Knob Creek Bourbon, $25
Region: Clermont, Bullitt County, Ky.
Are you a Single Malt Scotch drinker wanting to try a Bourbon? The smokey taste may appeal to you.

4) Woodford Reserve Bourbon, $30
Region: Versailles, Woodford County, Ky.
Light on the oak, but a sweet, smooth and balanced bourbon it is.

5) John Power Irish Whiskey, $25
Region: Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Its a classic Irish whiskey with a low price tag.

6) Connemara Irish Single Malt, $80
Region: Cooley, County Louth, Ireland
This one brings some heat to the palette. Its an Irish for the Scotch drinker to scope out.

7) Knappogue 1995 Irish Single Malt, $50
Region: Quin, County Clare, Ireland
An Irish whiskey that is more mellow you say? Try this one.

8) Redbreast Irish Whiskey 12 Year, $65
Region: Midleton, County Cork, Ireland
Less complex flavor than Knappogue.

9) Laphroaig Malt 15 Year, $60
Region: Islay (Scotland’s western and northern coasts, including Islay, Orkneys Mull, Skye; heavy and smokey)
Smokey and peaty. Complex taste that sticks around for awhile.

10) Glencadam 15 Year, $65
Region: Highland (higher elevation areas of northern and central Scotland; more complex, regal)
Major peatiness...Major.

11) Glenkinchie Distillers Edition, $70
Region: Lowland (low areas in southern Scotland; light and dry)
Touch of caramel and very light. This one is good for American whiskey drinkers that would like to explore a Single Malt.

12) Tomintoul 16 Year Speyside, $70
Region: Speyside
Touch of saltiness but a balanced flavor otherwise.